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Menu 1

Clear soup with dumplings and herbs
Asparagus soup with meatballs
Shrimp Serving with pesto (+ kr. 10, -)
Smoked trout with spinach
Salmon a la Bellevue
Tartelets with chicken and asparagus

Main courses
Kyllingeroulade of spring vegetables - served with potato rösti and spiced sauce

Roast pork with cabbage and ½ apple jelly
Serve with sugar caramelised and white potatoes and cream sauce

Salted pork roast with seasonal vegetables
Serve with roasted potatoes and spiced sauce

Roast veal fried as game with Waldorff salad, gherkins and lingonberries
Serve with beans, sugar caramelised and white potatoes and game sauce

Roast veal with rhubarb compote and cucumber salad
Serve with vegetables, white potatoes and cream sauce

Roast beef with sønderjysk cabbage, gherkins and lingonberries
Serve with glazed onions, roasted mushrooms, beans, white potatoes and gravy

Lemon soufflé
Homemade ice front with fresh fruits
The cold Grand Marnier soufflé
Chocolate cake with whipped ice
Pancakes with ice cream and fruit

Main Course kr. 120, -
2 courses kr. 160, -
3 courses kr. 200, -

Menu 2

Starters and / or between meals
Variation of salmon - tartar, roulade and smoked
Fish Plate
Steamed green and white asparagus with hollandaise sauce (spring / summer)
Jerusalem artichoke cream with crispy chips (autumn / winter)
Tapas Plate
Carpaccio of beef with parmesan and roasted pine nuts
Carpaccio of smoked venison with beetroot salad

Main courses
Baked pork fillet in urtefars with small nøddestegte potatoes and gravy
Fillet of veal with Provencal potatoes and port wine sauce
Veal tenderloin in serrano wrap with potato cake and madeira sauce (+ kr. 20, -)
Beer marinated beef fillet with kartoffelsoufflé and red wine sauce
Roasted expensive fillet on sauté of la Waldorff with celery, grapes and apples - served with potato fondant and game shy (+ kr. 20, -)
The above is served with seasonal garnishes

Roast duck with caramelised apples, prunes and red cabbage
Serve with brown and white potatoes and duck sauce
(autumn winter)

Cheese plate with a selection of cheeses from Naturmælk
Strawberry and white chocolate (summer)
Gateau Marcel with apple sorbet
Dessert Plate
Creme Brûlée
Bleeding chocolate cake

Main Course kr. 150, -
2 courses kr. 200, -
3 courses kr. 250, -
4 dishes kr. 300, -