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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

11:30 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)

Ordering 74 66 22 49

Please allow at least 20 minutes cooking


The following cold and hot dishes can be ordered out of the house to a maximum of 10 people for kr. 100, - person.
At more than 10 people the price is kr. 125, - per person.
Prices are only valid at pickup.


(Sandwiches ordered at least at. 16.00)


Fish fillet with remoulade and lemon

Eggs and tomato

Eggs and shrimps

Liver pâté with bacon and mushrooms

Ham with Italian salad

Roast pork with red cabbage

Roast beef with horseradish and roasted onions

Kr. 35, -. PCS.


White bread with cheese and peppers

White bread with sausage and gravy

Kr. 35, -. PCS.


White bread with shrimp and mayonnaise

White bread with smoked salmon and sauce verte

Kr. 58, - pr. PCS.


Chicken Salad with pearl barley and kidney beans,

Cold and warm dishes

and seasonal vegetables

Kr. 85, -


Shooting Star - steamed and fried fish fillet and smoked salmon

Shrimp, dressing and asparagus on toast

Kr. 100, -


Pariserbøf - served with onions, capers, horseradish, beetroot and

Preparation time 25 minutes


Kr. 100, -


Hot dishes


The following dishes are served out of the house to kr. 100, -

(Applies ONLY out of the house to a maximum of 10 envelopes)


Kyllingeroulade with potato cake and tomato sauce,

and vegetables of the day

Tenderloin Sauté Dijon


The fillet into strips tossed in mustard and cream sauce served with small baked tomatoes,

mushrooms, peas and bacon and french fries and herb butter


Breaded pork with parsley sauce

Serve with boiled potatoes and beets


Wiener schnitzel with fried potatoes, peas and butter sauce, and

Viennese boy


Danish steak with onions and pickles

Serve with boiled potatoes and gravy


Kong Frederik's favorite food

Serve with boiled potatoes or French fries and chopped eggs,

onions and beetroot


Desserts - kr. 48, -


Solid ice Strawberries Cake with nut pastry


Pear / marzipan tart with creme fraiche


Gateau Marcel with berry coulis